ADHD- The Problem

One out of every eight kids and more than 7 million people are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD with this number growing every year. If you or someone you love are suffering with ADHD, you may be experiencing a variety of symptoms that could range from distraction, inability to focus or concentrate and even impulsivity or inattentiveness. But did you know that  ADD/ADHD is not a psychological problem – it’s a brain problem that is often treated with medication but medication only treat- they do not correct the real problem.  

ADHDDiscovering the Root Cause by Taking a Functional Medicine Approach

Here at Rosman Wholeperson Healthcare, we take a different approach to ADHD, one that is not focused on giving you a checklist and a label. As functional medicine specialists, we don’t look to treat, diagnose or focus on  the “disease” of ADHD but rather we look for the reasons WHY, How and in What specific ways the brain being affected. By assessing the interconnected function of the systems in your body that all impact brain function, we can then understand how to specifically rebalance the system for optimized function and correction.  We look at the external and internal systems and environments that can be impeding optimal brain health and function. We don’t treat symptoms, we care for YOU, the client so we can understand what is causing your problem so we can give you the answers and solutions you deserve.

Are Medications Necessary?

The standard protocol for ADD/ADHD has traditionally been medication. The role of the medication stimulates the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is associated with pleasure, attention and movement. Medication is meant to treat the symptoms but are not targeted at correcting the cause.

Medication does not cure ADHD – it merely treats the symptoms for as long as you are taking it. The question becomes do you want to continue to stay on medication that is only treating vs correcting?  

Research is showing that people taking ADHD medications can develop a tolerance over time, resulting in increased dosages, additional drugs, and potentially more side effects.

The longer you are on medications, the bigger your risk because the long-term effects of ADD/ADHD medications are largely unknown. Ritalin has been used to treat ADD/ADHD since the 1960’s but the drug has still not been studied for long-term effects. In fact, the Canadian Medical Association states:

While research has conclusively proven Ritalin’s short-term effectiveness, little is known about the long-term efficacy and safety of a drug that some children take for many years.   In fact, the average duration of randomized trials of the drug is 3.3 weeks…. There aren’t long-term studies, and that’s of some concern because we don’t know whether the initial positive effects… might diminish over time. Moreover, we don’t know what happens to the side-effects… whether those got worse or maybe they diminish too – we don’t really know.”

Taking Back Our Health- Naturally

At Rosman Wholeperson Healthcare, many people affected by ADHD seek us out as a last resort to help find alternative, natural solutions for ADHD. You may be looking for the same solutions.

Clients typically ask for natural treatments for ADHD, hyperactivity, poor behavior and even poor speech to help their child. We are here when medication is no longer a working solution. This is when the journey begins to supporting you and or your child so you can take back your health while lowering your dependence on medication as you restore and optimize your whole health.

How do we do it?

We dig deep and take a comprehensive look at what can be the causative factors. We will determine if there are triggers that can be contributing to negative symptoms. These triggers could be a variety of issues like a food intolerance, vitamin deficiency, a poor diet, toxic metals, neurotransmitter imbalance or lifestyle imbalance. We suggest corrective protocols and care to help restore balance to the system so health can be restored.

Getting Healthy Starts with Taking Action

If you are ready to break the symptomatic cycle of ADHD,

If you are ready to regain focus, clarity, cognition and connection,

If you are tired of taking pills that aren’t correcting the problem,

If you are ready to gain the support that you or your child need so you can regain your health and optimize your well-being then request your complimentary consult today.