What to Expect on Your First Visit

Initial Visit / Clinical Evaluation

This is our 1-on-1 in depth clinical evaluation during which Dr. Rosman moves you into the Functional Medicine process and model. Likely, this is a different model than you have experienced. It is in-depth, patient, personalized, and uses resources that will help him probe deeply, beneath the surface of your diagnosis- – so to speak, and identify what are the necesssary tools and steps he requires to clinically assess the biochemical, metabolic and physiological imbalances, excesses, and deficiencies that are significant contributing factors to your health concerns. This is a complex, intense process, and this is where his 20 years of clinical practice and the thousands of complex, diverse cases he has seen benefits you.

Dr. Rosman will determine which Functional or more routine lab testing he requires to uncover evidence for the Care Plan he will present with his Report of Findings at the next consultation.

Results Visit / Report of Findings

Within 24-72 hours after receiving all of the test and assessment results he requested, Dr Rosman will schedule this appointment with you. It may be valuable for your spouse, significant other, appropriate family member of friend (to whom you have granted access to this information via your HIPPA consent) to “attend” this session, should you agree, because he has found it to be very helpful to have a “second set of ears” when he reviews his findings and presents your Care Plan. It is not required but it is recommended.
Once reviewed and agreed upon, you will be scheduled with the doctor to begin your corrective care immediately so you can begin the journey to your optimal wellness.

Your Care Plan may include recommendations concerning: diet; exercise; lifestyle behavioral changes and instructions; appropriate nutritional supplementation; referrals and the use of other holistic modalities.

Dr. Rosman and his team are available to help provide resources for dietary recommendations; exercise; lifestyle recommendations, and such. The resources available will be discussed with you during this Care Plan session. You are not alone. You are in the right place. You have the best team. You will find that you will have the guidance you need to help you through the process. We make this practical, effective, and efficient.

Please review the FAQs information, membership information (if that applies to you), and all other information posted on the site that explains and details your responsibilities for your care and your relationship with Dr. Rosman.

Follow Up Visits

During follow-up consultations, Dr. Rosman will assess your status, reassess your Care Plan, make any appropriate revisions, and discuss any testing/assessments appropriate for consideration at this time. All follow-up consultations are scheduled in advance, usually, but not always at about 5-6 week intervals. The complexities, severity and uniqueness of your case, along with an assessment of your progress, will contribute to determining how these sessions are scheduled.