Susan E. Antelis, LMHC

BCIA Board Certified Fellow in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback

I believe that everyone has the right to feel healthy and energetic. Stress often interferes with this; it doesn’t have to be that way. A warm, professional atmosphere and a variety of bio-behavioral techniques can provide just the support necessary to help people to be the very best they can be. I am personally in recovery from a 13 year Migraine headache and anxiety condition; biofeedback and counseling helped me to put this debilitating set of symptoms into remission without the use of medications. I am a living testimonial to the effectiveness of the complementary therapeutic approach to health.

Teaching as an Adjunct Professor in the Counseling Program at Hofstra University further helps me to fulfill my life mission of training as many new therapists as possible for this good work. The Executive Office on Long Island’s South Shore in Lynbrook,  includes a Biofeedback Student Internship & Mentoring Program, Psychotherapy and an Art & Play therapy division. I am in my eleventh year as an Adjunct Professor and at Hofstra University in their Counseling Department, having previously served as an Adjunct Professor, at CW Post, LIU Department of Arts and Performing Arts.

A combination of bio-behavioral and psycho-dynamic, creative approaches are used in therapy sessions. My education and training in Biofeedback, Psychophysiology, Creative Arts Therapy and Counseling offer a broad array of tools to use in my work with people. Each person is assessed and treated based on their unique needs. I am especially interested in helping children and families.

Our Long Island locations afford us collaboration with top Clinical Neuropsychologist, Robert  Villanella, PhD.

I will collaborate with your physician on your treatment plan with your written consent. Our Manhattan Headache Center location affords collaboration with top Neurologist, Susan Broner, MD.