Why Dr. Rosman Offers a Complimentary Consult

Complimentary 20-Minute Conversation

This is an opportunity for you to share why you have reached out to Dr Rosman and his team and briefly tell him your story. During our conversation, Dr Rosman will be able to assess if he believes he can provide you with the kind of expert, personalized and compassionate care you seek and deserve. If Dr Rosman decides that you are better served by a colleague, he will do all he can to help you find the clinician best suited to you and your health issues.

When Dr Rosman concludes that he will accept your case and welcome you into his healthcare family, he will request: that you review his website completely; that you will read about Functional Medicine and review the FAQs and all relevant information posted on his site; that you complete the online comprehensive health questionnaire he will send to you via a service called FMLogics – – so you will receive this questionnaire in your Inbox within 24 hours under that name and not under Dr. Rosman’s name; that you check your Spam box if you do not receive the questionnaire; that you let Dr. Rosman know if you do not receive that questionnaire; that you print out, complete and send back to him via fax, email or postal mail the HIPPA form and the Functional Wellness Consent form; that you send him any other forms he requests that are posted on the site; that you send all blood tests from the past year and all medical records, no matter how old they are, that are relevant to your health concerns.

Once all material, reports and forms are received by Dr. Rosman, he will contact you to schedule the formal Initial Consultation.