Sick Care vs. Health Care… Can You Afford to Stay Sick?

The numbers are staggering with seemingly no end in sight to new diagnosis of sickness and disease. More and more people are getting sicker and sicker and with each diagnosis, with each new medication, with each new condition comes more expenses. More money for doctors visits, treatments, days missed from work, school, decreases quality of life, impact on your career and relationships plus let’s not forget the prescription refills- that- by the way- you are on for life- add that up!

Here are just a few hard out of pocket costs for the most common diseases in the US. In 2007, 62% of the Bankruptcies were declared as a result of medical expenses. Can we really afford to stay sick???  

Heart Disease Out of Pocket Costs = $23,000 a year

Autoimmune Disease Out of Pocket Costs = on average $10,000 a year

If you are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease- the cost of the medications alone range from $65,00-$100,000 and guess what, if your insurance decides NOT to cover- YOU are liable for every penny.

Cancer Out of Pocket Costs= $8115 a Year

Diabetes Out of Pocket Costs= $13,700 a year

Thyroid Out of Pocket Costs = $1,200 per year

ADHD Out of Pocket Costs = $2,500 per year


Dr. Rosman Explains Why You CANT Afford to Be Sick


The list and costs go on and on and each pile up year after year. Too many people are suffering from not one BUT from many diagnoses each with meds and treatments, each with added side effects and impact. My friend, does this add up and make good dollars and sense to you?

Here at Rosman Wholeperson Healthcare, we believe that healthcare should be AFFORDABLE AND CORRECTIVE. This is why we promise not to merely treat and manage your symptoms keeping you stuck on treatments and meds year after year. Here we are dedicated to finding the root cause of your bodies breakdown that is causing dysfunction, symptoms and or disease. Once we find it, we CORRECT the imbalance, the dysfunction to restore the health of the whole body system that is YOU so you can heal, and THRIVE.

By taking a corrective approach to your health, we help you to safely and effectively lower your dependence on medications. We work with your doctors to help get you off medications when appropriate and we help your body to heal so you can break free from a label, a diagnosis and liberate yourself from the lifelong burden of sick care expense.

If you are ready to INVEST in your HEALTH- to SAVE THOUSANDS upon thousands of dollars and to actually RECLAIM your LIFE –

Request your consultation today so we can get you on the path to optimizing your health and life.