Teleconsultations: Virtual Practice.

At Rosman Whole Person Health, we take a comprehensive natural approach to your health care with our state of the art modern, virtual health practice.  We understand that you are more than an symptom, diagnosis, condition or dis-ease.  You are a dynamic human being comprised of many systems and functions all occurring and impacting one another simultaneously. This is why we are dedicated to treating the whole- YOU.  

Our virtual practice allows us to conveniently deliver in the most private format the best in personalized whole person results focused, health care. You can expect that Dr. Rosman and the entire team will look comprehensively at you and your health to create a corrective plan so you can reclaim your full health vs simply managing symptoms. Our goal is to find out WHY your full health is being blocked and what is causing it so the interference can be removed, function restored so your body can heal as you reclaim your vitality and wellbeing.

Path to Delivering Care:

When you begin care with Dr. Steve at Rosman Whole Person Health, you will be evaluated and your plan created based on a 3 phase system of care.  Often when a patient comes to us, they are already in an active stage of dis-ease.  We immediately go to work in fully assessing the severity of each case so that we may safely and effectively put our patients back on the road to health that is specific to them.

Phase 1: Reduce & Remove the stress on the body.  During this phase, we will determine what systems of your body and areas of your health have the greatest compromise. As assessed, we will support you with care that will reduce and eliminate the health burdens that had been keeping you in a state of dis-ease.  Think of this like putting out the fires within your health.

Phase 2: Restore & Rebuild a healthy foundation of form and function in the body.  Once the fire is out, we begin to rebuild your health, system by system so that you can sustain long term health and well-being.

Phase 3: Revitalize & Optimize your body.  This moves you beyond a place of surviving and into the land of truly thriving.  It is not enough to just rebuild, but what about the special features?  Think of this phase as the point in your health journey where we fine tune YOU for long term optimal results