Did you know that making new year’s resolutions has been shown to increase longevity and reduce risks of chronic illness?

The new year is a time for change, and a great opportunity to make room for positive growth in your life. If you’re planning on making some new year’s resolutions going into 2018, make sure you make them count! Here are my top 5 biohacks that could benefit anyone this new year.

Get More Sleep

The human need for sleep has been vastly underrated and we’re only now seeing all the many benefits we’ve been missing out on. Getting a full night’s sleep is necessary for recharging your body, clearing your mind, and helping you to be as productive as possible each day. In addition to these short term effects, getting regular sleep can help keep your body healthy and minimize your risk of a number of health concerns, like heart disease and obesity. Of course, other lifestyle factors are involved as well, but changing one seemingly simple thing, like your sleep schedule, can have incredible results.


Exercising doesn’t have to be this overwhelming, time-consuming thing that people often fear. Physical movement can be added to your daily life, even slowly at first, in a way that benefits your mental and your physical health. The long term effects of exercise are well-known to most of us: longer life, healthier physical body, and increased resistance to disease and illness. What many people don’t realize is that incorporating a little extra physical activity into your life every day can also improve your mental capacity, patience, and productivity. There are many different exercise regimens out there, and each person should choose the one that makes them feel their best.

Eat Right

We live in a world dominated by processed foods and added sugars, and this is taking a toll on our health and well-being. Eating right, which means having a diet rich in nutrients derived from fresh produce, meats, and oils, seems daunting when we’re used to quick meals from the drive through, but the benefits of having a nutrient dense diet are becoming more obvious all the time. Studies have shown that the simple hack of removing a sugar-sweetened beverage from your daily life and adding a nutrient dense green smoothie can have a significant impact on your mental health, physical health, and longevity!

Commit to Optimism

Having a positive mindset has been shown to lead to a longer life, make you feel better mentally and emotionally in your day to day life, and even help minimize your risk of developing diseases. Many people consider self-care to be primarily physical, not realizing that mental self-care is also necessary. People who display emotional maturity, concern themselves with mindfulness, show gratitude, and express positive affirmations to themselves are even more likely than the average person to live a happy life and be a positive influence on those around them.

Set Your Goals and Track Your Progress

Have you heard the phrase “a goal without a plan is just a dream”? Setting goals and creating concrete, actionable plans for implementing those goals is an essential part of getting things done. Bullet journals are popular tools for tracking goals and progress as they are highly visual and fun to update. A journal can also be a wonderful tool for visually tracking changes over time, whether you’re hoping to monitor weight changes, fitness goals, financial savings, etc.

Start the New Year Right

As we move into the new year, begin considering how you might implement small, measurable changes in a way that can have major and lasting impact on your life and well-being. What’s on your new year’s resolution list for 2018?

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Blessings to you and your loved ones in 2018.